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基于无人机遥感的不同施氮水稻光谱与植被指数分析 期刊论文
中国光学, 2018, 期号: 05, 页码: 832-840
Authors:  裴信彪;  吴和龙;  马萍;  严永峰;  彭程;  郝亮;  白越
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无人机  数据采集  水稻植被指数  氮素  
Ultrasensitive label-free optical microfiber coupler biosensor for detection of cardiac troponin I based on interference turning point effect 期刊论文
Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2018, 卷号: 106, 页码: 99-104
Authors:  Zhou, W. C.;  Li, K. W.;  Wei, Y. L.;  Hao, P.;  Chi, M. B.;  Liu, Y. S.;  Wu, Y. H.
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Optical microfiber coupler  Biosensor  Dispersion turning point  Cardiac  troponin I  Ultrasensitivity  Regeneration  acute myocardial-infarction  refractive-index increments  electrochemical immunosensor  immunoassay  biomarkers  nanoparticles  diagnosis  complex  silicon  arrays  Biophysics  Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology  Chemistry  Electrochemistry  Science & Technology - Other Topics  
Lumen degradation analysis of LED lamps based on the subsystem isolation method 期刊论文
Applied Optics, 2018, 卷号: 57, 期号: 4, 页码: 849-854
Authors:  Ke, H. L.;  Hao, J.;  Tu, J. H.;  Miao, P. X.;  Wang, C. Q.;  Cui, J. Z.;  Sun, Q.;  Sun, R. T.
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temperature  performance  life  Optics  
11 W continuous-wave laser operation at 2.09 mu m in Tm_Lu1.6Sc0.4O3 mixed sesquioxide ceramics pumped by a 796 nm laser diode 期刊论文
Optical Materials Express, 2018, 卷号: 8, 期号: 11, 页码: 3615-3621
Authors:  Hao, Z. D.;  Zhang, L. L.;  Wang, Y. P.;  Wu, H.;  Pan, G. H.;  Wu, H. J.;  Zhang, X.;  Zhao, D. X.;  Zhang, J. H.
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ho/yag laser  efficient  oscillation  Materials Science  Optics  
CCD紫外增强薄膜旋涂法工艺优化 期刊论文
光谱学与光谱分析, 2017, 页码: 2826-2831
Authors:  冯宇祥;  孟银霞;  张国玉;  吴一辉;  郝鹏
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紫外增强  旋涂法  荧光薄膜  工艺优化  
Label-free biosensing characteristics of micro/nano-fiber coupler 期刊论文
Guangxue Xuebao/Acta Optica Sinica, 2017, 卷号: 37, 期号: 3
Authors:  Wang, H.;  W. Zhou;  K. Li;  P. Hao;  M. Chi and Y. Wu
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Signal-to-noise ratio enhancement of a Hadamard transform spectrometer using a two-dimensional slit-array 期刊论文
Applied Optics, 2017, 卷号: 56, 期号: 25
Authors:  Chi, M. B.;  Y. H. Wu;  F. Qian;  P. Hao;  W. C. Zhou and Y. S. Liu
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An Automated Algorithm of Peak Recognition Based on Continuous Wavelet Transformation and Local Signal-to-Noise Ratio 期刊论文
Applied Spectroscopy, 2017, 卷号: 71, 期号: 8
Authors:  Qian, F.;  Y. H. Wu and P. Hao
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A fully automated algorithm of baseline correction based on wavelet feature points and segment interpolation 期刊论文
Optics and Laser Technology, 2017, 卷号: 96
Authors:  Qian, F.;  Y. H. Wu and P. Hao
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Process Optimization of CCD UV-Responsive Sensitivity Enhancement by Spin-Coating 期刊论文
Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2017, 卷号: 37, 期号: 9
Authors:  Feng, Y. X.;  Y. X. Meng;  G. Y. Zhang;  Y. H. Wu and P. Hao
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